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Wellness travel is about so much more than smoothies and spa treatments. It’s about traveling with intention, putting yourself first, and saying, "I deserve this." It’s about letting go of the stress of everyday life, and giving into something bigger than yourself. It’s about the feeling of rejuvenation, complete relaxation, and returning home feeling energized. Wellness travel can be anything from a digital detox hillside in California, to a yoga retreat in Bali, or a quiet farm-to-table escape in British Columbia. Meditate in the rainforest, soak in Costa Rica’s healing thermal waters, or simply find a place to get the sleep you need. Wellness travel invites you to rethink how you spend your vacation.


A Digital Detox in St. Lucia

Escape to a simpler world. One that’s free from endless work emails, urgent notifications, and addictive social media platforms. On a digital detox, you can embrace a temporary off-the-grid escape, leaving your real-world worries behind. With gorgeous scenery, a host of outdoor adventures, and notoriously slow reception, The Pitons in St. Lucia is the perfect place for a self-imposed break from technology. Find yourself surrounded by hot springs, mineral-rich mud baths, and fresh mountain air. Explore the local flora and fauna and let the turquoise blue water that surrounds the island take your breath away. Swim with colorful fish, charter a private boat to sail the coast, or challenge yourself to a hike where the summit view is well worth the sweat.


Did You Know

  • Laughing is good for the heart and can increase blood flow by 20 %.

  • Wellness travel will increase your productivity. Studies show that travelers who participated in a wellness-centered vacation made less mistakes and demonstrated quicker decision making when returning to the workplace.

  • The Global Wellness Institute projects that wellness tourism will grow rapidly in the coming years with the market reaching $1.1 trillion in 2025.

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