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Discover Europe aboard one of Oceania Cruises' many ships

Wherever you dream of going – Oceania Cruises has a ship that can take you there. Discover Europe’s ancient history through the lens of luxury as you travel through some of the most historically significant landmarks and destinations in the world. For example, explore Roman palaces, walk the streets of Sicily, and climb to a monastery perched atop a mountain in Barcelona, all from the comfort of the luxurious Riveria. Click here to see which Oceania Cruises ship is right for you.


A Practical Color Palette

Greece’s blue and white homes served a much more practical purpose than aesthetics. In the 1930s Greece passed a law stating all houses in the Cyclades needed to be whitewashed to stop the spread of an infectious disease. The blue was later utilized simply because the mixture was inexpensive, and easily accessible in every home. The same color of blue, according to ancient mythology, is used to ward off evil.


Dress the Part

In addition to being more stylish than your typical locales, Europeans enforce strict dress codes at most historic sites. Versatile footwear and shoulder-covering garments, like a scarf or pashmina, are a must-pack when traveling through Europe.


Destination Highlight: Barcelona

Between the culture, food, architecture, and beaches, Barcelona is a destination that encapsulates all of the magic of Europe. Marvel at the gothic architecture before exploring the stalls of La Boqueria – Barcelona’s oldest market. Witness the whimsical design of Park Güell, and explore the countless manicured gardens scattered throughout the city center.

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